Highest Quality Cosmetic Treatments at Extremely Competitive Prices

Popular Cosmetic Choices

Our cosmetic treatments wouldn’t have been made possible without the help of Skin Med Spa who deliver us the highest quality services at extremely competitive prices it’s not just Lipo/metabolism boosters but they provide a whole of treatments including vitamin injections, laser skin resurfacing, aesthetician services and fillers. Any procedure that Skin Med Spa provides will be carried out to the highest quality. Click here for more on the services that we offer.


It has become an increasingly popular among Americans with 1 in 3 women and men choosing liposuction over an alternative therapy.

Advanced Remedial Massage 

Uses specific techniques from Swedish and Remedial Sports Massage to treat joint and soft tissue problems e.g. frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and back pain.

Promotes healing, improves posture, develops functional strength and accelerates rehabilitation after injury.

Bio-energy Therapy

Bio-energy therapy focuses on detecting and releasing blockages in the energy field (aura) and the energy centres (chakras).

This therapy assists in the re-balancing and strengthening of the energy field and boosts the body’s own natural self-healing process.

Colour Therapy 

Colour therapy involves treating an individual with colour rays. The application of colour can be given in many ways, all of which work to bring the body into harmony, thereby restoring vitality and well-being on all levels. 


Is a form of deep relaxation, which the therapist guides the client into, through the use of visualisation and other techniques.

Hypnotherapy is a safe way of accessing the body’s own natural resources and creativity, to enable the individual to make the necessary changes, to improve well-being and quality of life.

Sports Massage 

Not always for Sports people! Deep tissue massage helps to release muscle tensions, increases circulation and stimulates the immune system.

Effective in ridding the body of toxins built up after physical exercise or the stress of a working week, allowing the client to feel revitalized yet relaxed and ready to start afresh.

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