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CrossFit: From about a 250 to a Spartan 300, Hopefully…Day Seven

Today was a mixed bag of progress and brick walls. My adversary, the hand stand push up (HSPU), made a return and I even made a new enemy in the muscle up. On the plus, I managed my first ever kipping handstand push up, improved my headstand and my skin the cat, with good technique. […]

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Is CrossFit Killing Us? A brief response whilst I drink my Coffee…

In response to the Outside article on CrossFit. First off, you must differentiate between CrossFit as a Sport and CrossFit as a General Physical Preparedness (GPP) program designed to get you moving better and be healthier. This article does this to some degree. ”Puke inducing workouts”: I’ve been in the fitness industry for 10 years now. I […]

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Aske fitness exercise specialists aim to show you the tools for a healthier, leaner and happier you.


We believe in eating nutrient rich foods, with little starch & sugar, to fuel for a healthy lifestyle. We train our clients hard & condition your body for health and fitness by using major lifts that use multiple-joints & multiple muscles. Olympic & Power lifts, kettlebells and a wealth of bodyweight exercises with gymnastic elements get the job done. Training sessions are varied, creative & full of energy to avoid routine & to keep your body improving.

Our exercise coaches specialise in helping you improve your body shape, master the correct nutrition for you, manage pain and improve sports performance.

If your goal is any number of the above, get in touch and be trained by us!

We offer the following services for you:

  • Personal training
  • Olympic weightlifting coaching
  • Strength & Conditioning support for sports performance.
  • Nutritional Support

We offer personal training at the following prices:

Number of sessions per weekPrice per month
2 @ £65/hour£ 520
3 @ £60/hour£ 720
4 @ £55/hour£ 880

The other services are priced on a case by case basis. Please get in touch for more information.

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Full hip replacement after an accident and you want to walk without a limp? No problem, Aske fitness have the perfect recipe for that. Sprinkle with a little hard work and you get this…

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Come to our website for free, no gimmicks, fitness advice. Visit our personal trainers for the highest quality personal training service in London. Throughout Dands we train a variety of clients, from Great Britain's athletes to Business Directors, using one-to-one and group training sessions. Throughout London we deliver health & fitness workshops. Some clients come to us for nutritional support, rehabilitation from injury or surgery. Some come to get stronger, run faster & improve their sports performance. Whatever your goal, our #1 rule is that the customer deserves to receive the most effective, well-informed, no-gimmicks training advice. We enjoy sticking to this rule.

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